The driving force behind the A Diverse World Foundation
is Adolfo Luque. He have inspired many people to join him in a battle to fight for better living conditions for thousands of children, mothers and families in Comas - Lima - Peru.
Join us on a journey through the creative ideas resulting in amazing projects on the hills which are crowded with the less fortunate of Lima.
This website is about dreams. The dreams of  children  and thousands of women in the Comas district and of the neighborhood Collique;  slum neighbourhoods where life is difficult, hard, with enormous lacks of basic needs, but with enormously alive, young and hopeful people who we want to give a proper future.
In these days many proposals have been made and there will be many initiatives,
all very important and for highly qualified people, very committed to the challenges
of the new world, with the situation of women and with children,
all with the purpose of moving forward making a world more just and free